What degree did you study at university?

Electrical and Electronic Engineering,Stellenbosch University

What is your role at Sanlam?

Sanlam Digital Academy trainee

Can you tell us why you chose this career?

As an engineer I’ve always been interested in technology and the more technical side of things. I chose this program because I thought it was an exciting combination of learning more about the digital space as well as getting exposure to how this digital space operates in Sanlam.

What’s a typical day like in your job?

Our days are split between training and work rotations. On our training days we do practical or theory work depending on which concepts we are learning. On rotation days we work with Sanlam teams to learn and understand the type of work they do.

What are the some of the highlights and challenges of your role?


In this role we are constantly learning, we get so many opportunities to grow ourselves and soak up knowledge on a daily basis.


I feel like as we get busier with projects, balancing training work and rotation work could become challenging.

How do you keep up to date with all the changes in your profession?

The few tech accounts I follow on twitter are helpful for reading articles and staying informed on what is happening in the digital world.echnical blogs like Hackernoon and Medium, Newsletters such as Quartz, Morning Brew and the Emerging Tech Brew

What do you enjoy doing for fun outside of the office?

I really enjoy cooking (and eating) interesting foods, doing yoga and reading.