André van der Merwe – Junior Data Analyst

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André van der Merwe – Junior Data Analyst

What degree did you study at university? 

Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical). Stellenbosch University

What is your role at Sanlam?

Junior Data Analyst, part of the Sanlam Data Academy

Can you tell us why you chose this career? 

Applying logical thinking and problem solving abilities to data based problems in a corporate environment. This new ‘hot-career’ drew quick attention and I wanted to be in the leading pack.

What’s a typical day like in your job?

Balance between technical and business aspects. The normal routine entails an agile way of work, where daily standups are used. Engagement with business to gather information about a problem and then implementing this knowledge on technically built objects to solve the business problem.

What are the some of the highlights and challenges of your role?

Coming from Chemical Engineering, the limited knowledge of the financial sector was worrying, but diving into the deep end paid off where concepts and knowledge grew and I was able to apply this in creative ways.

Having a balance between technical and business engagements helps to develop a well-rounded skillset.

How do you keep up to date with all the changes in your profession?

Regular engagement and catch-up sessions with co-workers or passage conversations helps. Well established communication patterns is essential.

What do you enjoy doing for fun outside of the office?

Tend to be a very active and social person. I enjoy spending time with friends, running, hiking or exploring different wine farms in the area.

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