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In order to secure and succeed in the careers showcased in Career Paths, you’ll need to have tertiary qualifications including a minimum of an undergraduate degree or its equivalent.

Most of the careers showcased require a minimum of a postgraduate qualification too e.g. Honours Degree, Postgraduate Diploma, Master’s Degree or a PHD.

So applying to university is a really important part of your career journey (and so is completing your studies).

Different universities offer different courses and require different criteria for you to apply successfully to enrol for a degree. However, generally most have similar minimum requirements for matriculants.

Also, to apply for a career in the professions we’ve showcased in Career Paths, you must have done Core Maths (not Maths Literacy) in Matric.

In order to pursue the professions we’ve showcased in Career Paths, these are some of the undergraduate degrees you might consider studying:

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