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Nail your interviews for your first Quant job

With graduate recruitment in full swing for next year’s programme intake, many young students are preparing for interviews for their first Quant job. We thought you might appreciate some advice on how to nail it, from Quants that have been [...]

Getting a bursary: Tips from Bursary Students

For many aspiring Quants, concerns about how to pay for their studies can be a major cause of stress – for them and their parents. Getting a bursary is a sought-after way to take care of the finances, and not [...]

7 Pro Tips for Finding Your First Quant Opportunity

If you’re looking at finding your first quant opportunity – a new and emerging career for people studying maths, statistics, physics, economics, engineering or computer science – use these tips from graduates who have been there and done that to [...]

Burnout: Early warning signs and how to avoid it

Burnout – or the state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress – can happen to anyone. Quantify Your Future spoke to Lynette Van Der Merwe, Programme Director of the undergraduate medical programme, School of [...]


2020 was filled with uncertainty as we scrambled about and learned quick ways to adapt.  It felt as though planning was a waste of time as so much was beyond our control.  As you commence your 2021 Academic Year, don’t [...]

5 Practical Tips for building resilience

Being a student can be stressful! And when things don’t go your way, it can be even more difficult to cope with that stress. If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that things can change overnight and our ability to adapt [...]

What is a Quant?

There are three key skill sets that will be in high demand in workers of the future. These are higher cognitive skills, social and emotional skills and technological skills. A successful career as a “quant” requires all three. Thus individuals [...]

Learning to code is a career boost for anyone

Coding is a skill that can give any career a boost. It’s not just for software engineers and programmers, learning to code is a career boost for anyone. Business, Financial and Data Analysts can use computer programming to better analyse [...]

Why you should take Core Mathematics in high school

Your subject choices in Grade 9 are all about opening career options. For those looking to obtain a degree after high school, choosing between Mathematics Literacy and Core Mathematics can be difficult. To help you make your decision, QuantifyYourFuture spoke [...]

How to choose a university course that suits you

One of the biggest challenges when making university applications is to make the right choice of what to study.  The reality is that most learners make decisions based on what they have seen on TV, on social media, or what [...]

The Big Reset with Abdullah Verachia

Renowned speaker, Abdullah Verachia, joins us to talk about the world "post-Covid", and how we can use this extraordinary time as an opportunity to reset and recharge. Abdullah explores "The Now vs The Next", and how we can [...]

Coronavirus: The answers lie in the numbers

Mathematics has taken centre stage in enabling policy-makers to design strategies for slowing down the spread of COVID-19. Governments around the world rely on mathematical models to support decisions on key issues such as when to impose a lockdown, and how many [...]

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