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One of the biggest challenges when making university applications is to make the right choice of what to study.  The reality is that most learners make decisions based on what they have seen on TV, on social media, or what [...]

The Big Reset with Abdullah Verachia

Renowned speaker, Abdullah Verachia, joins us to talk about the world "post-Covid", and how we can use this extraordinary time as an opportunity to reset and recharge. Abdullah explores "The Now vs The Next", and how we can [...]

Coronavirus: The answers lie in the numbers

Mathematics has taken centre stage in enabling policy-makers to design strategies for slowing down the spread of COVID-19. Governments around the world rely on mathematical models to support decisions on key issues such as when to impose a lockdown, and how many [...]

Do-It-Yourself COVID-19 Bubble Map in R

Thomas Farrar 16/04/2020 As noted in my previous post, South Africa is in the midst of a lockdown in which most of us are confined to our homes. What better way to pass the time than learn some data science [...]

Do-It-Yourself COVID-19 Data Visualisation in R

Thomas Farrar 06/04/2020 South Africa is in the midst of a lockdown in which most of us are confined to our homes. Most of us have some time on our hands and a desire to better understand the global COVID-19 [...]

Not all data scientists are created equal

By Dr Yudhvir Seetharam, Head of Analytics, Insights and Research:  FNB Business  There are two common misperceptions about data science that exist in many organisations today, and which are holding them back from unlocking the full value of the discipline [...]

A Perspective on Choice of Study and Career Path

Truth must be told!  Very few people actually followed the career path that they had envisaged for themselves at the start of their studies. Many of us started our studies with little or no knowledge about where it may take [...]

Exam Techniques

There is always cost to whatever matters most in your life... in the life of a student that cost is time... Consistent hard work, continuous effort, single-minded focus, being organized, managing your time, being prepared, etc.   ... all boils down [...]

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