BSc Hons Applied Mathematics

University :

University of Johannesburg

Degree :

BSc Honours (Applied Mathematics)

Closing Date :

31 November 2020

Duration :

1 year (full time)
2 years (part time)

Website :

Application :

Programme Administrator :

Prof Farai Nyabadza
Dr Keagan  Anderson

The Honours programme in Applied Mathematics (H2001Q) curriculum consists of NINE semester modules (own choice) and a short, written project (APM8X00) (compulsory). Semester modules are examined at the end of the semester in which they are presented. The project is supervised by a lecturer and presented by the student as a lecture at a predetermined time. The project has the weight of one semester module, examined internally. The choice of the semester modules is done in consultation with the Head of Department. Approved modules from related study fields up to a maximum of one year or two semester modules may be included in the Honours curriculum).

Bachelor’s degree with Applied Mathematics as major.

A minimum average of 60% in the final year of undergraduate

Applied Mathematics.

Students are encouraged to apply for the NRF bursaries,

Students can also apply for the UJ post-graduate funding opportunities.

University of Johannesburg

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