Technology specialists innovate and create new technology to improve activities in the financial sector and take financial activities into the 21st century, including seeking new markets, finding innovative ways of working and applying in-depth subject matter expertise. Also, they help organisations in other sectors too with technological innovation.

Financial technology specialists will deal with all technology, architecture and infrastructure for an organisation including BIG DATA, Machine Learning and Blockchain Technology.

These individuals are responsible for innovation, growth, transformation, and improving an organisation from the ground up. They assist in bringing new and disruptive technologies to an organisation.

In addition people suited to this career also display the following competencies:

  • Understanding financial regulation.
  • Understanding cyber risk for financial markets.
  • Understanding cybersecurity.
  • Understanding financial planning.
  • Understanding auditing and governance regulation.
  • Understanding risk and compliance.
  • Knowledge of unbanked / under-banked markets.
  • Understanding financial market intelligence.
  • Work effectively across various teams, locations and time zones to achieve common goals and objectives.
  • Motivate and inspires others.
  • Think logically and laterally to solve problems.
  • Explore new territories, thinking outside of the box, as well as finding creative and unusual ways to solve problems.
  • Ability to communicate both internally (within the organisation) and externally (with customers, partners and clients).
  • Adapt quickly and effectively to a rapid pace of change.
  • Share methodologies, insights, ideas and solutions with the wider team.
  • Detail techniques and discoveries to technical and non-technical audiences in a language that they can understand.
Analysis & Other Skills