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Career Wise

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Career Wise

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Bursary profiles registration (i.e. online applications) are welcome anytime but see applications page for specific bursaries closing dates.

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Documentation needed to apply :

ID, Full Academic record, NBT results, Proof of Address

Our range of bursaries cover the full spectrum of faculties because of the breadth of sponsor clients, which include the following faculties:

  • Health Sciences,
  • Economics & Financial Sciences,
  • Engineering & Built Environment,
  • Information Technology,
  • Humanities,
  • Sciences,
  • Management,
  • Law and Education.

Financial Need

Academic Achievement

What does the bursary or scholarship offering entail e.g. tuition, accommodation, meal allowance, etc.

We administer a range of bursaries and scholarships:

  • Full bursaries that cover everything from Tuition, Accommodation, Meals, Books, Laptop
  • Partial bursaries that cover Tuition and Books only or
  • Top up bursaries that cover shortfall in funding for NSFAS students
  • Child of Employee bursaries, that can either be full or partial bursary.

All Bursary and Scholarship Information

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