There is always cost to whatever matters most in your life…
in the life of a student that cost is time
Consistent hard work, continuous effort, single-minded focus, being organized, managing your time, being prepared, etc.   …
all boils down to time.

Your Universe…

You are your biggest asset…. Know and value yourself
You are your best ally…. Believe in yourself
Your success is determined by how you show up…. Show up with confidence
Your focus is the doorway to your success…. Focus on your end goal
You are in control of your time …. Organize your life
Your actions can make it happen…. Put in the hours of effective work
You are never alone…. Support exists everywhere if you are open to it
It is truly up to you…Carpe Diem – seize the day
Your universe lies in your hands!

Your Exam Preparation…

Know and value yourself
You know when you need to start.  Value your time, especially when you are at your best.   If you value your time, other people will also value your time.
Know your needs:  Make sure you have access to all you need to make this work!

Believe in yourself
You have done exams many times before.  Maybe the last big exam felt like a major crisis, like nothing could be worse.  Looking back now, it wasn’t all that bad, so level up, you can DO this!

Show up with confidence
If you are sitting down to study, focus your mind, your energy and your emotions on whatever you choose to study.  Be with your study material fully!  Mastering Subject Matter:  Start confidently with what you know and work towards mastering what you don’t know well.
Confidence brings light on dark matter!

Focus on your end goal
Your studies have a purpose in achieving your life goals.  Remember your short-term goals are the building blocks for your medium-term goals and ultimately your long term goals.
Note your concerns:  Make a note of any concerns and park it for attention.
Visualize your end goal:  You may find it helpful to put an image or symbol close by to bring your end goal in focus whenever you need it.
Never forget your end goal, it will fuel your energy!

Organize your life
Negotiate time out with the people who matter in your life.  If they care about you, they will care about your goals.   You know how much time you need; give yourself ample time to study, to rest, to eat, to exercise, to drink liquids and to sleep.
Be Realistic:  Draft a study schedule.
Self-Discipline:  Stick to your schedule.
Progress: Adjust your schedule according to your rhythm.
This is Your Life!

Put in the hours of effective work
Schedule your day so that you study when you feel at your best.
Build Momentum: The longer you focus, the better your focus becomes, the more you practice, the better your skill will become.
Exam Practice:  Work through previous exam papers.  Do these exam questions early enough so that you can identify your gaps while you still have the time to address those gaps.
Action beats inaction every time!  Keep levelling up!

Support exists everywhere if you are open to it
You learn to lead others by how you lead yourself. There is strength in knowing when to ask for help.   If you need support in any way, accept that you will do better with support.  Don’t hesitate, ask for help, go where you know you can find the help, the sooner the better!

Carpe Diem – Seize the Day
There is no time like right now.  Time is valuable and time moves constantly.  If it is important to you, do it for YOU!

Your exam success lies in your hands!

Blog written by Ramona Francis – Learning and Development Consultant