What degree did you study at university?

Bcom Information System Honours

What is your role at Sanlam?

Digital Graduate

Can you tell us why you chose this career?

I enjoy challenging myself. Being in IT challenges are abundant and that is extremely appealing to me. The Tech world is an ever-growing field that has a lot of opportunities for me in the future which also played a part in the appeal that it had.r

What’s a typical day like in your job?

Most of the days I spend training and learning concepts and techniques used within the Tech world.

On work days I’m exposed to different roles within different teams depending on my rotation.

What are the some of the highlights and challenges of your role?

Highlights of my role allowed me to meet different people within the Tech world. To learn from these individuals and to see what their role entails. Another highlight was me getting exposed to different technologies.

How do you keep up to date with all the changes in your profession?

I visit sites like “bleeping computer” and “Business Insider” regularly to see what is happening within the tech world.

What do you enjoy doing for fun outside of the office?

I enjoy keeping active. You will either find me at the gym, on a sports field or hiking somewhere. I also enjoy playing video games and watching series.