Moshal Scholarship Program

Name of Foundation :

Moshal Scholarship Program

Closing Date :

31 August

Website :

Application :

We don’t have an on-line application form.  Requests for application forms can be sent to

Documentation needed to apply :

Completed application form, ID (student, Parents/Guardian), Grade 11 Final Results, Grade 12 June Results, NBT Results, Pay Slips, Any SASSA Documentation relating to grants, NSFAS proof of application, university acceptance letters.

Overview of bursaries or scholarships offered

We offer top up bursaries to NSFAS-accepted students in the fields of Business, Medicine, Science, IT, Engineering and Law.  Our value-add is the extensive wrap-around support we offer to our students, to ensure that they have the best chance of passing each year, to find the best quality jobs on graduation.

Students need to be accepted at 1 of the 9 universities we fund at (UP, UCT, Wits, UKZN, Rhodes, NMU, UJ and Stellenbosch), and have been accepted for a degree we fund (MBChB, IT, Law, Commerce, Sciences and Engineering)

What does the bursary or scholarship offering entail e.g. tuition, accommodation, meal allowance, etc.

We top up the amount given by NSFAS and provide additional money for food and textbooks as well as a Living allowance monthly.  We provide essential business skills training, as well as offering extensive psych-social support for our Moshal Scholars.

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