Phozisa Qwemesha – Graduate Software Engineer

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Phozisa Qwemesha – Graduate Software Engineer

What degree did you study at university?

Honours Degree Specializing in Information Systems at University of Cape Town

Can you tell us why you chose this career? 

Honestly, I was enticed by the possibility of using technology to make anything simpler because of all things, people just want simplicity.

What’s a typical day like in your job?

A typical day entails Production Support for the applications in ARO namely eBox, Teller and the ARO Chatbanking applications which are hosted in the Openshift Environment.

What are the some of the highlights and challenges of your role?

Highlights are how supportive the team I belong to is as well as the encouragement and eagerness to learn from all parties – it has definitely helped in my eagerness to explore new technologies, especially during a time like this.

How do you keep up to date with all the changes in your profession?

Honestly, I use LinkedIn as a way to see what’s happening in the tech space as well as just searching latest trends.

What do you enjoy doing for fun outside of the office?

I enjoy an occasional adventurous day of hiking, recently started enjoying reading again – I think this is so important cause now I don’t read just work stuff or just to get through a book but really to consume and expand my vocab cause you can know so much yet,  so little.

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