Actually, great minds don’t think alike

How would you define an investment banker? Maybe a person with a head for numbers and a few financial degrees – or so you may think. This is true to a certain extent, but at RMB you are also likely to run into lawyers, aeronautical engineers and even medical doctors. Why? Because at RMB we need innovative, unconventional Solutionist Thinkers who are able to seek solutions beyond the obvious and challenge accepted thinking to find innovative solutions for our clients.

Every year RMB embarks on a search for the next generation of Solutionist Thinkers by putting graduates’ cognitive abilities to the test. Successful candidates enroll on the exclusive RMB Graduate Programme for a year to learn all there is to know about Corporate and Investment Banking and to hone their Solutionist Thinking skills.

Postgraduate students who have excelled academically and show a passion for finding solutions in: Commerce, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Please note that the RMB Graduate Programme is open to South African students only.

Should a student from elsewhere in Africa wish to apply for a graduate opportunity, they should explore similar opportunities on the FNB careers website

How to apply

Limited opportunities are available so make sure you log onto the following site to apply: RMB Minds That Matter Graduate Programme

Applications for 2021 are now closed.

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Location: Gauteng