What degree did you study at university?

B. Eng in Chemical Engineering,M. Eng in Chemical Engineering (in Progress),Both at North West University

What is your role at Sanlam?

I am a Digital Graduate Trainee. I am learning about all the roles, technologies and systems used by Sanlam. Through various rotations, I am also finding my place in Sanlam

Can you tell us why you chose this career?

I have always enjoyed seeing engineering ideas, concepts and processes applied in a non-traditional context. I also loved the programming modules we did in university.

What’s a typical day like in your job?

It differs depending on the stage of training. At the moment, we have two days of rotation per week. On these days we join working teams where we are given tasks to understand how the specific business unit works. For the other three days we have training on a treasure-trove of subjects.

What are the some of the highlights and challenges of your role?

The accumulation of knowledge on cutting-edge concepts

Learning new programming languages
Seeing how the business works through rotations
Moving from an academic to a business mindset

How do you keep up to date with all the changes in your profession?

Technical blogs like Hackernoon and Medium, Newsletters such as Quartz, Morning Brew and the Emerging Tech Brew

What do you enjoy doing for fun outside of the office?

I enjoy the outdoors, especially hiking and camping.If I can’t go outdoors, a good Sci-Fi, Fantasy or Espionage book.