Current Degree and University?

BSc Applied Mathematics and Mathematics

What did you study at undergraduate level? 

Applied Maths, Mathematics and Chemistry

Why did you choose this degree?

I chose this field based on a particular interest in mathematics.

Did you change degree / discipline choices at any point during your undergraduate studies? If so, please elaborate.

The initial goal was to do Biochemistry but somehow I found out there isn’t much for me there and I did not enjoy reading too much wordy stuff. I decided to pursue my passion for Mathematics.

At what point did you decide to pursue your Master’s or PHD?

I  decided in my 3rd year of studies that I wanted to do an Honours in both Applied and Pure Mathematics.

What / who helped influence your decision?

A large part of myself gravitated towards mathematics or numbers in general and also the people that I studied with influenced my decision.

What benefits, in your opinion, have you gained from pursuing a Master’s or PHD qualification?

One of the things that I have learnt in postgraduate studies particularly ‘mathematics’ is the diverse form it extends to and also it’s application. The courses in applied mathematics include  sophisticated fields in computer science and physics but one can always get into any field and apply the accumulated knowledge learnt through  maths.

Vanqa Kamvalethu - BSc Applied Mathematics and Mathematics